Spiraea spp.
Family:  Rosaceae
taught in Hort 231

Spiraea betulifolia
Late spring to
early summer flowering
Spiraea betulafolia leaves (V. Lohr)
Spiraea betulifolia bud (Lohr)
Spiraea japonica
Summer flowering
Spiraea japonica leaves - fall color (Lohr)
Spiraea japonica bud (Lohr)
Spiraea japonica
'Anthony Waterer'

Summer flowering
Athony Waterer spirea leaves (Lohr)
Anthony Waterer spirea buds (Lohr)
Spiraea nipponica

Late spring flowering
Spiraea nipponica 'Snowmound' leaves (Lohr)
Spiraea nipponica buds (Lohr)
Spiraea thunbergii
Early spring flowering
Spiraea thunbergii leaves (Lohr) Spiraea thunbergii buds (Lohr)
Spiraea ×vanhouttei
Spring flowering
Spiraea xvanhoutei leaves (Lohr)
Spiraea vanhoutei bud (Lohr)

Sometimes in Hort 231 Leaves
Spiraea douglasii
Summer flowering
Spiraea douglasii leaf top and bottom (V.I. Lohr)
Spiraea douglasii twig (V.I. Lohr)
Spiraea prunifolia
Early spring flowering
Spiraea prunifolia leaf (Lohr) Spiraea prunifolia bud (Lohr)

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