Quercus sp.
Family:  Fagaceae

Oak species taught in Hort 231
(Oaks with rounded lobes shown first, followed by those with pointed lobes)
Quercus alba
White oak
(rounded lobes)
Quercus alba leaf (Lohr)
Quercus gambelii
Gambel oak
(rounded lobes)

  Quercus gambelii leaf (Lohr)
Quercus robur
English oak
(rounded lobes)
 Quercus robur leaf (Lohr)
Quercus palustris
Pin oak
(pointed lobes)
  Quercus palustris leaf
Quercus rubra
Red oak
(pointed lobes)
Quercus rubra leaf (Lohr)
Oak species not currently taught in Hort 231
Quercus prinus
Chestnut oak
(rounded lobes)
Quercus prinus leaf (Lohr)

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