Hort 232
Optional Reading Suggestions for Selected Topics

Listed below are optional readings that cover material that relates to various topics discussed in Hort 232. They may change during the semester, so check back for new suggestions.

For Exam 1
For Exam 2
For Final Exam
Required Readings

Exam 1 topic
Spirals in cones
Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant - Vi Hart, Part 1 of 3
Shows how spirals occur in nature and demonstrates with cones and other plant parts.  All three parts are great!
Gymnosperm families 
Pinales ("conifers") - by Tim Dickinson - from EEB337H1 at Univ. of Toronto. Has a list of features of some conifer families, followed by beautiful photos to illustrate many points.
Genus Abies
Abies -  The Gymnosperm Database
Skip past "Taxonomic Notes" to "Description."
Balsam Woolly Adelgid
Balsam Woolly Adelgid - (pdf) by I.R. Ragenovich and R.G. Mitchell, USDA Forest Service
12 page brochure with detailed descriptions of the insect, hosts, damage, and control.
Genus Picea
Picea -  The Gymnosperm Database Skip past "Taxonomic Notes" to "Description."
Cooley Spruce Gall Aphid
Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid - University of Massachusetts Extension Fact Sheet
Covers the life cycle of this insect pest.  Includes a few photos.
Genus Pinus
Pinus - The Gymnosperm Database Skip past "Taxonomic Notes" to "Description."
Pinus aristata
Growth characteristics of the ancient bristlecone pines - by Leonard Miller Comments refer to Pinus longaeva and Pinus aristata .  Discusses why they live so long.
Tsuga mertensiana
Tsuga mertensiana - from the Gymnosperm Database  Covers identification, growing conditions, and more.
C is for Conifers - from They Might Be Giants
A fun song about conifers.  Mentions some kinds of conifers and uses for them.

Exam 2 topic
Farmstead Windbreaks: Planning - (pdf) by P. Wray, L. Sternwets, and J. Lenahan, Iowa Cooperative Extension Service
Good summary information on benefits of windbreaks and how to design effective ones.
Windbreaks - from Penn State Extension
Presents concise information of the effects of height, density, orientation, and length.
Bulbs & More: Bulb basics - from University of Illinois Extension
Reviews the differences between true bulbs and other storage organs.
Narcissus spp.
Daffodil Divisions & Cultivars - from the American Daffodil Society
Descriptions and good phots to illustrate each dividion.
Invasive plants 
What the Heck is an Invasive Plant? - (pdf) from the National Park Service
From the Weeds Gone Wild web site: a short fact sheet that explains what invasive plants are.
Invasive plants 
Ivy O.U.T. - from Pacific Native Plant Society Extensive information on the problem with Hedera helix in Washington and what to do about it.
Invasive plants 
Invasive and Noxious Weeds - from the USDA and the Natural Recources Conservation Service A nationwide database of invasive plants and noxiuos weeds; information by state or by plant.

Final exam topic
Fireblight - (pdf) from Alabama Cooperative Extension
Detail description of the disease.  Lists of susceptible and resistant plants.
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Final exam covers ALL topics

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