Horticulture 232

 List 7 - Bulbs & Other Storage Structures (practice quiz)

Galanthus nivalis and Crocus sp.
Galanthus nivalis with Crocus sp.

# Scientific Name Common Name Family  Structure  Origin
1 Galanthus nivalis  Common snowdrop Amaryllidaceae bulb Europe 
2 Narcissus sp. Daffodil Amaryllidaceae bulb Europe, China 
Camassia sp.
Asparagaceae bulb
Western N. Amer., WA
Chionodoxa sp. Glory-of-the-snow Asparagaceae bulb Mediterranean
Hyacinthus orientalis Hyacinth Asparagaceae bulb Mediterranean
Muscari sp.
Grape hyacinth Asparagaceae bulb Asia, Europe, and N. Africa
Crocus sp. Crocus Iridaceae corm Mediterranean 
Iris reticulata  Netted iris Iridaceae bulb Russia 
Erythronium sp. Trout lily Liliaceae corm Northern world, WA 
Fritillaria imperialis  Crown imperial Liliaceae bulb Iran 
11 Lilium sp. Lily Liliaceae bulb Northern world, WA
12 Tulipa sp. Tulip Liliaceae bulb Central Asia & Europe 
Trillium sp. Wake robin Melanthiaceae rhizome North Am, WA
14 Cyclamen persicum Florist's cyclamen Primulaceae tuber Mediterranean 
15 Anemone blanda Grecian windflower
Ranunculaceae tuber Western Asia & SE Europe 

Plants repeated from Hort 231:

R1 Acer circinatum Vine maple Sapindaceae Western N. Am.; WA 
R2 Acer glabrum Rocky Mountain maple Sapindaceae Western N. Am.; WA 

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